Best of 2023 - Part 2 - FINNER'S PICKS

Best of 2023 - Part 2 - FINNER'S PICKS

Our second submissions for the Best of 2023 comes from Finner. Some of these are so new that we haven't received our copies yet, but we will! Check out Finner's feelings about the year here:


Down bad, then not. All I care about and all that matters is a free Palestine, anything else is stupid and literally does not matter.


Necron 9 - Demo II (Unlawful Assembly)
Mock Execution - Rebels without a cause (Runstate Tapes / Unlawful Assembly)
Cross - No beginning, no end (Roachleg)
Narcan -  (Designated Moshers Unit)
Bloody Flag -  S/T (Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes)
Crushed - Extra Life (Funeral Party)
Collateral - Demo #1 (Fortress)
Ilusión - S/T (A World Divided)
Laughing Corpse - Demented Thoughts Posed As Dark Comedy (Self Released)
Accusation - Demo (Quality Control HQ)


Grand Scheme | 11PMSecretors | Roachleg


Kinetic Orbital Strike -  The True Disaster (Self Released)
Scarab - Seeking Chaos and Revenge (Rebirth)
Lethal - Lethal’s Hardcore Hit Parade (11PM)
Grand Scheme - Numbers Game (11PM)
Secretors - Comparing Missile Size Vol.1 (Roachleg)
Black Dog - Otherthrow (Roachleg)
Puffer - To Live and Die in the City (Roachleg)

Black Dog | RoachlegPuffer | Roachleg
Peoples Temple - I’m With The… (Roachleg)
The Massacred - Post-Mortem (Active-8)
Delco MF’s - March of the MF’s (MF)1 FLEXI
Fury - Vie (Triple B)


Fifteen LPs

Peace Talks - Progress (Peterwalkee)
Stigmatism - Ignorance is Power (Static Shock / Toxic State)

Diztort - Vengeance is Mine (Advanced Perspective)
Destruct - Cries the Mocking Mother Nature (Grave Mistake)
Fairytale - Shooting Star (Quality Control HQ)
Physique - Again (Iron Lung)
Salvage Punk - LP 2023 (Toxic State)
Planet On A Chain - Boxed In (Revelation)

Planet On A Chain | Revelation
Brain Tourniquet - …An Expression In Pain (Iron Lung)
Skourge - Torrential Torment (Lockin’ Out)
Kruelty - Untopia (Profound Lore)
Speed Plans - Statue of God (Iron Lung)
Quarantine - Exile (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Heavy Discipline - Your Scapegoat (Painkiller)
V/A (Destruct, Scarecrow, Dissekerad, Rat Cage) - Screaming Death (Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes)

Bunker Punks | Scarecrow | Destruct | Dissikerad | Rat Cage | Emissions


Broken Skull Records (Epaulet, Kleener, Wet Pleather, Kontaminate, Zeal) 
Don Pyle “Shot In A Mirror” tour w/ Will Manning
Visitng the Better Read Than Dead garage & Fungus Books
Will Manning - Joan Would Say (Knife Fork Book)
Pack Animal series
Double Life sale (w/ Variety 1983)
Cold As Life in Detroit
William Basinski in a church
Eileen Myles (Meet & Reading)
Saigon Lotus lunch special
Nova Scotia Nara (& Ry)
Tsuchi Café washrooms
A Healthy Relationship
Gossip Column zine
Sagar Indian Cuisine (Carleton Place)

The focus of this list is on punk and hardcore, but truth be told it’s a very small fraction of what I listen to when I’m not listening to the Lemonheads or Lucinda Williams. With that in mind, besides new releases I listened to a lot of King Nine & Negative Approach in 2023.

In 2024 I’d like to listen to more Mental and Straight Ahead.

Peace or annihilation

By any means war is unnecessary


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