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Emissions Best of 2022: PART 2 - Finner's Picks

Finner is behind Midnight Mass Books and curates their amazing bookshelf inside our shop. He also loves punk and hardcore and works at the record shop. He’s always got his ear to the ground, staying ahead of the curve on new releases and up-and-coming bands. Congratulate him on the release of Don Pyle’s “Shot In A Mirror” book through Midnight Mass. Here’s his take on 2022.

  • Dave


2022 - A pretty good year for a pretty shit year….

I’m not good at making lists and I have a bad memory so I’ve never attempted any sort of year end list. I think it was a good year for punk and there were lots of great releases not mentioned here.


Mutated Void | Sewercide Records



Black Dog - Demo II (RoachLeg)

Perfect powerful blown out punk from Nova Scotia.  Same formula as Demo 1 but flawlessly executed. Dis rocks. 

Killing Pace - Killing Pace (Pressing On)

Do you like Hardcore but also like punk? This is what Arthur is listening to while clenching his fist. A few different labels put out various versions of this Richmond, VA bands first offering including Emissions staff (Bee) via Pressing On.

Nosferatu - Society’s Bastard (Unlawful Assembly)

If this is the first you’re hearing of these Texans then you’re already too late. Final release put out by various labels including Emission favs Unlawful Assembly & RoachLeg. Punk the way it should be played. 

Deadform - Deadform (Brainsand)

Dino from Dystopia so you already know to pay attention. Sounds like Oakland.  I can’t wait to hear more and I hope we get a full length at some point. 

Mutated Void - Slash the Alter (Sewercide) 

Nova Scotia does not miss and this is further proof that isolated scenes produce the best results. Singular, demented and unhinged sounding punk heavily influenced by skateboarding (not in the cheesy 00’s way, more in a philosophical way). It’s fun to be a freak, so listen to Mutated Void. 

Horrendous 3D - Horrendous 3D (Black Water)

Truly insane sounding.  Onslaught of relentless riffs and layers. I read somewhere (Sorry State?) that they’re kids raised on Gai & Confuse playing UK crust but they sound so urgent and modern and every time I play this 7” it demands my attention. 

Semantix - Mania in the Psychosphere (self released) 

Texas industrial influenced meathead techno. Listened to this a lot throughout the year and can’t wait for a new release in 2023. (Note: no physical release, but I don’t care because it’s that good)

Brain Tourniquet - Brain Tourniquet (Iron Lung) 

Straightforward no frills power violence exactly as it should be. Exemplary students of Siege’s master class. Makes me wanna use a hammer (building something or smashing it to pieces is inconsequential). 

Skitter - Skitter  (P.M.T.)

Last minute addition from the UK. This came out recently but goddamn it’s a great demo. The songs make me want to see them live and fist pump like Pauly D. I only hope it coming out this late in the year doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait for more. 

Poison Ruin - Not Today, Not Tomorrow. Parade of Phantoms/Edifice. (RoachLeg)

One of best current punk bands? I don’t know, I think so, maybe? They are playing SHITMAS in a few weeks and I think it’s appropriate to end the year with them.





Savageheads - Service to Your Country (Social Napalm)

The best are back and remind everyone just how great ‘82 is in ‘22. 

Yleiset Syyt - Toisten Todellisuus (La Vida Es Un Mus/ Sorry State)

Fast, ferocious, catchy hardcore from Finland. A ripper of a record. 

Rigorous Institution - Cainmarsh (Black Water)

More than just apocalyptic anarcho-punk metal, Cainmarsh is a grim cosmic journey of survival that’s an immersive otherworldly experience.

The Flex - Chewing Gun For the Ears (Lock-in’ Out)

Makes me wanna clench my fists and completely just lose control. It feels familiar like of a mix of all my favorite hardcore bands growing up but better.

The Annihilated - Submission to Annihilation (Annihilate Music)

I finished my list, then they dropped this. I had no choice but to bump another top tier album. Submission to Annihilation is exactly what you hoped the Annihilated LP would be. 

High Vis - Blending (Dais)

I can’t wait to see this band live. Combines elements of Brit pop like the Stone Roses and post punk but has the energy and delivery of a hardcore band with amazing introspective lyrics. It’s better than I’m making it sound, band should be and will be huge. 

Syndrome 81 - Prisons Imaginaires (Black Water)

Incredibly catchy, dark, new wave influenced french oi. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t like this. 

Ignorantes - Parece Que Tuvimos Demasiados Hijitos (F.O.A.D.)

Nihilistic noise from Chile that is the total punk package. Having band members or knowing how to play an instrument doesn’t matter if you do it with enough attitude and conviction, or if you just really don’t fucking care. 

Gauze - 言いたかねえけど目糞鼻糞 (XXX)

The last offering from one of the greatest punk bands of all time. 

Mutated Void - Roses Forever (Iron Lung) 

Like the 7” mutant music for mutant people, totally unhinged insane punk. 


Horrendous 3D



  • The Weeknd
  • Charlemagne Palestine
  • Rage Against The Machine 
  • Richmond Take Over (Grand Scheme/Payload/Destruct. 2 shows, 1 night)


  • Shot in a mirror book launch (best night of the year)
  • Emissions Snack day (we don’t deserve Nara)
  • Punk hands (peace/annihilation by Adam Kindred at Wartooth)
  • University book sales being back
  • GB Jones exhibit 
  • Terrifier 2
  • Triangle of sadness  
  • Crimes of the future
  • One Love Veg birthday lunch 
  • Nocturnal Emissions DJ Night
  • Finally getting a copy of Teenage Head - Picture my face 7” w/ picture sleeve 
  • Being medicated 


  • The greatest restaurant ever (One Love vegetarian) closing 
  • Everything else 

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