Gauze – 言いたかねえけど目糞鼻糞 and Death Side - Unreleased Tracks

Gauze – 言いたかねえけど目糞鼻糞 and Death Side - Unreleased Tracks

In the past few months some high demand records were released in Japan: Death Side's "Unreleased Tracks" and Gauze's 6th LP "言いたかねえけど目糞鼻糞". Both have proven difficult and expensive for North American consumers.

Gauze's 6th album finally came out on vinyl many months after the CD was released. It's very hard to get outside of Japan with little interest in exporting. On top of that, COVID has led to Japan Post / EMS pausing service to Canada. It wasn't easy, but Emissions has sourced copies AND managed logistics to get copies to Canada. 

Save your time and money and get both from RECORD SHOP EMISSIONS.

Limited copies of Death Side are available. Some Gauze LPs will be available online but most will be reserved for the shop. Stop by and get one, 168 Brunswick Ave @ Harbord (near Spadina).

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