New Releases from Discos Enfermos — March 2022

New Releases from Discos Enfermos — March 2022

Discos Enfermos (Spain) has put out almost 100 releases for great bands including the greats Belgrado, HHH, and Hez.

New for 2022 are EPs by Total Nada and Elektrika and the debut LP by Inyección. Along with came some of Hez's great but hard-to-find "Problemas" EP. 

Total Nada - "Total Nada" EP

This is the debut release by this Canadian band with Spanish lyrics. A lot of ground is covered on this EP, giving the fuller experience usually afforded only by listening to a more experienced band's full-length. 

The sound is based in 80s South American hardcore but with other international influences and a post-punk style of darkness overlayed throughout, culminating mostly in the eponymously titled final track. 

Inyección - "Porqueria" LP

A follow-up to their demo and tape, this is the debut LP from Inyección. The band who's based in Chile and Argentina have a strong dose of UK82 in their sound. The label describes them as Gai playing songs by the Exploited. If that sounds good to you then you will enjoy this record. Comes with a booklet insert and a 3-colour poster. 

Electrika - "Electrika" EP

5 songs of hyper distorted mid-paced hardcore punk. Electrika have the tonality of Japanese distort noise in songs that have a structure more akin to Latin America and amazing throat-tearing vocals. 

Along with these came copies of the Hez - "Problemas" EP. If you don't already know this excellent band from Panama, think Una Bèstia Incontrolable playing with more obvious hardcore influences. 

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