Tomb Mold - Aperture of Body @ Emissions Record Shop

Tomb Mold - Local Band Spotlight and NEW RELEASE

Toronto's Tomb Mold contaminated the international metal scene at record pace. Born from the ashes of Purity Control (who were 3/4 Tomb Mold + Brandon DeMarco of S.H.I.T.) they self-released 2 cassettes before Blood Harvest helped introduce them to the rest of the world with a new LP and vinyl re-release of the first two cassettes in 2017. To take the next step, the initial 2-piece group of Derrick Vella and Max Klebanoff filled out the band their former Purity Control bandmate Payson Power and occasional S.H.I.T. disturber Steve Musgrave.

By 2019 they had released 2 more amazing LPs on 20 Buck Spin and toured extensively. 

2022 brings up their first follow-up release, Aperture of Body. A self-released cassette, it's our first chance to hear 3 new songs by the band since Planetary Clairvoyance.

As of July 2022, Emissions has the new Aperture of Body cassette, all 4 vinyl releases, a few of the older self-released cassettes, cassette versions of the 20 Buck Spin releases, and both Purity Control 7-inches. Find them all in-store first, and check back for any overstock to be put online later.

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