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Antagonizm - "Freeze Motherfuckerz" 12-Inch

Antagonizm - "Freeze Motherfuckerz" 12-Inch

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What started as a one off project for a bit of fun on the Fuzzbrain Records Compilation LP in 2019, quickly mutated into a fully fledged band made up of four UK heads with plenty under their collective belts: Ben Woolf (Blind Authority, Lawful Killing, Frame Of Mind, Stages in Faith, Layback), Bobby Cole (The Annihilated, Churchgoers), Jon Osbourne (Mastermind), and Ollie Hudd (Fortbragg Zine). When QC heard this ‘demo’ it was so in your face we just knew we had to put it on wax, because this blend of Krackdown and Outburst era NYHC with a still distinct London hardcore sound will blow your fuckin’ face off! Live expect some crazy energy and antics that’s hard as nails. Who else is gonna do a hardcore version of the James Bond theme? Stay warned, friends.


Antagonizm is Ben, Bobby, Jon, Ollie

Recorded by Jonah Falco

Mixed and Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Artwork by Karim Newble, Jon, Nicky Rat, Jack Sabbat and Mr M

Photograph by Alisha Dar

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