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Bishops Green - "Waiting" LP (Clear and Black Galaxy)

Bishops Green - "Waiting" LP (Clear and Black Galaxy)

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For more than two years we’ve all been waiting and waiting and waiting for new music. And bands have been waiting and waiting and waiting to deliver it. For Bishops Green and their fans, it’s been even longer…

These lovable canucks have been a tight unit throughout and used the downtime from constant touring to pour their hearts and souls out into barrels of new songs that speak volumes about where they’ve traveled, who they are, and where they’re headed. Waiting to deliver it all to you has been excruciating!

Well, we’ve all waited long enough!

Pirates Press Records is incredibly thrilled to present “WAITING”, a six-song explosion of an EP - and another of many new releases in the pipe from this beloved Canadian powerhouse!

Some of these tracks made their informal debut over the pandemic when the band played a live-streamed show and these songs instantly became fan favorites…so much so that fans are already singing the words! This is a testament to the connection that Bishops Green has with their fans and shows just how long they’ve been craving to hear something new from them.

Bishops Green is locked and loaded, with their eyes on the prize! …WAITING no more!


A Side

1. Waiting

2. Working Poor

3. We Decide

B Side

4. Tumbling Down

5. Alone

6. The Crow

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