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Supreme Echo

Blue Oil - "Blue Oil" LP

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QUEBEC’S FIRST ALL-WOMEN PUNK GROUP! Formed in 1978, Blue Oil played relentlessly through Quebec’s early ’80s scene with their dynamic brand of punk, new wave, and post-punk. 12 songs from 1981–83, including their hit single “Money,” meticulously remastered.

“Blue Oil was Quebec’s original all-female punk band, blazing trails for women in music who like it loud.” – Erica Ehm, Musi-Video

“Powerful, driving and highly respectable.” – Liz Janik, Music Express

“This is the real thing, pure female punk expression with a knack for pop melodies.” – Félix B. Desfossés, CBC Radio Canada

Deluxe large-size 8-page bilingual English-French booklet with their story, photos, art, and gig posters. Two stickers. 600 copies on beautiful aqua-blue vinyl.