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Huntingtons / Travoltas - "Rock 'N' Roll Universal International Problem (Split)" LP

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Split release from two bands separated by the Atlantic Ocean. America's Huntingtons and Netherlands' Travoltas come together to make one album so good, you'll be hard-pressed to choose which side you like best. Each band debuts a brand-new song, each covers two of each other's songs, and to round things out, each covers a favorite oldie. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Huntingtons - I Don't Wanna Be Wrong

2. Huntingtons - You Got What I Need

3. Huntingtons - Anywhere You Want To

4. Huntingtons - All I Have To Do Is Dream

5. Travoltas - She's Gonna Break My Heart In Two

6. Travoltas - Hooray For You

7. Travoltas - The Last Time That You Left

8. Travoltas - Red River Rock