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Jerry A & The Kings Of Oblivion - "Life After Hate" LP

Jerry A & The Kings Of Oblivion - "Life After Hate" LP

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***It’s a rare musician who can lay claim to an unblemished, four-decade-spanning discography, but if anyone can, it’s Portland, OR’s reluctant King Of Punk: ladies, gentleman and gender non-conformists…. you know him. you love him, Mr. JERRY A. LANG. From his tenure with pioneering Hardcore Punk legends POISON IDEA, to his many side projects and collaborative efforts, JERRY A. has forged an enviable and impressive legacy, and decades after so many of his contemporaries have come and gone, he’s nowhere near to being finished…. And with this in mind, please allow us to introduce… JERRY A & the KINGS OF OBLIVION. Formed in the wake his 2021 collaboration with Dutch Street Rock'n'Rollers (and fellow TKO alums) SAVAGE BEAT, the KINGS OF OBLIVION reunites Mr. LANG with the SB boys to bring us this new offering, Life After Hate. This burner of a mini-LP is a love letter to the 70s Punk and Proto-Punk influences that have underlined all of Jerry’s musical efforts to one degree or another. Consisting of two originals and four covers of varying obscurity, Life After Hate sees the SAVAGE BEAT boys laying down a pitch-perfect barrage of Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll that perfectly suits Jerry’s singular vocal delivery. Features two original tracks—“Life After Hate” and “Pink Clouds”—along with covers of songs b Blitzz, Pink Fairies, Shitdogs, Bonnie St. Claire & Unit Gloria.

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