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Nonexistent Night - "In the Middle of a Boiling Sea" LP (Blue Smoke)

Nonexistent Night - "In the Middle of a Boiling Sea" LP (Blue Smoke)

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Carrie Feller (who creates gloom-synth earworms under the moniker Hexa), Sal Gallegos and John Rieder (of the instrumental noise-rock duo Secret Fun Club) first began working together in mid-2019. The odd, left-field idea was a cover of “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” by The Cramps, which was eventually featured on the compilation Really Bad Music for Really Bad People (Three One G, 2020). This unlikely-but-in-retrospect-perfectly-sensible collaboration continued on in spring 2021, when Carrie recruited Sal and John as the rhythm section for a new instrumental composition. The result was “Prelude in Terror,” a sonic partnership so thrilling and intuitive that a full project as a trio seemed like the only rational next step. Nonexistent Night formed soon after, and the three musicians began writing the songs that would become the new LP In The Middle of A Boiling Sea over the subsequent 12 months. The band made its live debut in June 2022 and then, with the blessing and support of the label Three One G, began production of their record throughout late 2022 and early 2023. The band recently added Alia Jyawook (Scary Pierre, ex-Hot Nerds) as permanent cellist and guitarist and are already working on new songs for a follow-up record. Influenced by bands like Three Mile Pilot, Rachel’s, Slint, Chelsea Wolfe, King Woman, Kate Bush, June of 44, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Om, Low, Converge, and Tristeza, Nonexistent Night is elegiac, dramatic, and tinged with dread: post-rock for a drowning world.

This album was recorded by Dale Holland and Sal Gallegos. Mixed by Dale Holland and mastered by Nathan Joyner. It will be released by Three One G on blue smoke color vinyl.

Track Listing:

01. Unofficial Soundtrack to the Unconscious

02. One Year

03. Tessellations

04. Prelude in Terror

05. Metaphysics Becomes Physics Becomes Dead Language

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