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Equal Vision

One King Down - "Bloodlust Revenge" 12-inch (clear/purple splatter)

One King Down - "Bloodlust Revenge" 12-inch (clear/purple splatter)

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In 1997, Albany, NY-based hardcore crew One King Down released their soon-to-be classic EP "Bloodlust Revenge." For its 20th anniversary in 2017, Equal Vision Records released a re-mastered vinyl reissue of the seminal release from these hardcore legends. "Bloodlust Revenge" is regarded by most fans as the band's finest recorded hour. New pressing now available on clear with purple splatter vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. More Hate Than Fear

2. Absolve

3. Prey To Human Silence

4. Defiance

5. Mass Suicide

6. Bloodlust Revenge

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