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Texas is the Reason: The Mavericks of Lone Star Punk (Blashille) - Book (used)

Texas is the Reason: The Mavericks of Lone Star Punk (Blashille) - Book (used)

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“Gorgeous Photos of Texas Punk’s Glory Days…Blashill brings Texas punk’s convivial spirit into sharp focus.”—Texas Monthly

“A profound experience for me”—Richard Linklater

“Teeming with subversive bands, cheap beer, and slam dancing…Blashill also captures the music scene’s intimacy and camaraderie.”—Pitchfork

“Captures the energy and anarchy of Austin’s burgeoning scene between 1979 and 1987… the wild fury of native bands like the Butthole Surfers, Poison 13, Scratch Acid, the Dicks and many more.”—The New York Times

“Excellent”—No Echo

“A weird gold mine… of Austin music’s DIY age” —Austin Chronicle

“Pat Blashill’s beautiful book captures the poetics and energetic eccentricities of the post punk Austin, Texas music scene of the ’80s, things one will never get on the internet…kicks ass.”—Kim Gordon

“Great bands come out of great scenes, so Blashill shoots not just the shows but the community. Even the intimate moments scream punk rock, and even the punk rock moments scream intimacy.”—Michael Azerrad, This Band Could Be Your Life

“That was it…that was our life at that point in time.”—King Coffey, Butthole Surfers

“From a historical point of view it is a real gem, but also highly recommended for any lover of photography, because Pat’s work is amazing.”—Staf Magazine (Spain)

“Stunning…the book captures a tripped-out, brilliantly berserk, thrillingly dangerous time and place.”—Merry Jane

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