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The Dreadnoughts - "Into The North" LP (Used)

The Dreadnoughts - "Into The North" LP (Used)

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The greatest collection of original and reworked traditional sea-shanties in modern times!

"Holed up for a week in a small wooden cabin with nothing but whiskey in our glasses, four microphones in front of us, and hordes of mosquitoes outside singing along, we belted these damn songs over and over until we had them just right, and the result is the album we've always wanted to make." - The Dreadnoughts

First and foremost, the Dreadnoughts would like to thank Chris Corvus of Kamloops, BC, whose heroic four-hour drive and delivery of two crucial audio adapters to a remote B.C. location basically saved the recording. Thanks again, bud. This album literally wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t done that!

Thank you to Aled Jenkins from Smokey Bastard for not only temporarily joining the band, but also for engineering, mixing and mastering the whole bloody thing. Wow.

Thank you to the International Shanty All-Stars: Martin Richards, Jagoda Stawiarska, Joshua Malik and Pelle Kjellberg.

Finally, thank you to everyone who continues to buy and stream our stuff, as you have basically paid for us to do this album exactly as we wanted to: in an old wooden building in a beautiful location with some high-end studio gear and a few drops of fine cider to pull us through. You are the best.

Recorded in a cabin in mosquito-infested 70 Mile House, BC, Canada.

Mixed by Nicholas Smyth and Aled Jenkins

Mastered by Aled Jenkins

All songs traditional except “Roll Northumbria”, “Shiloh”, “Jolie Rouge” and “Dear Old Stan” (Nicholas Smyth) and “Northwest Passage” (Stan Rogers)

Legends never die.

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