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The Last Survivors - "2001 - 2016" 12-Inch

The Last Survivors - "2001 - 2016" 12-Inch

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Chaos is here! Legendary Tokyo raw punks, THE LAST SURVIVORS early material finally collected in one place. The Last Survivors sent shock waves through the Japanese punk scene showing there was more than just punk, or just hardcore. The Last Survivors were RAW PUNK! The catchy sounds of UK82 and 70s punk fused with early raw HC from across the globe, particularly in Sweden and Finland. A flawless combination that inspired countless bands that followed. As Jacky Crust War says in the liner notes "There were some bands we couldn't ignore. That was the one, The Last Survivors."

This LP collects their 7"s on Crust War, Dan-Doh, and Pogo 77, as well as other rare tracks. Fully re-mastered for vinyl, and sounding better than ever. Liner notes by Jacky Crust War (Framtid), So (Hardcore Survives), and Sakurai (Centipede / The Addiction)

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