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Various - "Knuckle Girls: 14 Bovver Bird Blitzers Tough Enough" LP

Various - "Knuckle Girls: 14 Bovver Bird Blitzers Tough Enough" LP

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2022 repress. An extract from the novel Bovver Birds Rool: "Dawn pushed Sue's head as hard as she could against the stone wall of the school. The connection registered with a gruesome 'thud'. 'That's for getting off with Steve', she snarled. A second girl cracked Sue sharply around the face with an open palm and then kicked her as she slumped to the ground. 'Do not mess...' shrieked Jane. 'Do you understand, Bitch!' A descending bike chain left a bloody trail across Sue's now fractured skull. 'Have you learned your lesson, Bitch, or do you want some knuckle too? Well? do you?' Dawn smiled approvingly at Jane and the two girls linked arms and walked away. 'What are you staring at?', snapped Dawn at their first passer-by, Dave, a pale and sullen lad from school. 'I'm not quite sure,' he quickly replied. 'It walks like a bloke and talks like a bloke, but it's got girly bits... Or, at least, I think it has.' Jane quickly broke away from Dawn and started to run towards Dave who immediately quickened his pace. 'And you'll never find out you piece of chicken shit,' she screamed. (to be continued...)"

Bovver Birds & Knuckle Girls... a rare burst of etiquette. So, what would you get on a date with a Bovver Bird or a Knuckle Girl? A few harsh words and a cheap thrill -- or a competitively-priced thrill, at least. Up against the wall. Nothing fancy, just a bit of "hanky panky" with your tougher-than-average Knuckle Sandwich Nancy. "Girls used only to resort to psychological bullying... Now they're moving in gangs and using bicycle chains, knives and clubs. In fact they're beginning to behave in a way once only associated with the roughest of boys." --Henry Clover, Press Officer Of The National Union Of Teachers

Features Kuny, Carol And The Boston Garden, Desira, Rock Follies, Twinkle Ripley, Misty, Kristine Sparkle, Glo Macari, Lelly Boone, C. Star, Vicky Fury, Ayshea, Heart, and Vic Lezal's Professionals.

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