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Common People

Zanzara - "I Fedeli Aspettano Senza Chiedere Il Perché" LP

Zanzara - "I Fedeli Aspettano Senza Chiedere Il Perché" LP

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Zanzara are back with their second LP. Their sound is quirky, personal and with a refreshing touch with post-Punk beats, these primitive rhythms create songs that have a raw sound that seems to be taken straight from the 80s. Blitz would probably be the most obvious reference, as there are definitely aspects of their Punk and post-Punk style from “Second Empire Justice” and “The Killing Dream”. Another big influence is Camera Silens, with a lot of melody in the sound without losing an ounce of power. It’s not surprising either that the Italo-English sound is influenced by the likes of Nabat or early Klasse Kriminale, although they can also remind you of bands taken from “Chaos en France” along with a good dose of post-Punk riffs, lo-fi production and killer melodies. An album that deserves to be listened to again, again, again and again...

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