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999 - "The Biggest Tour In Sport" LP

999 - "The Biggest Tour In Sport" LP

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In 1980, British punk-pop band 999 embarked on an extensive North American tour that included stops in both the U.S. and Canada. That tour resulted in the six-song vinyl EP The Biggest Tour in Sport, whose title was a play on The Biggest Prize in Sport.

This is an enjoyable record, but, unfortunately, it isn't the definitive live album that 999 fans were hoping for back in 1980. Side one contains an inspired performance of "Homicide," and 999 is equally exciting on the live versions of "Emergency", "Feelin' Alright With the Crew," "Titanic Reaction," "Boys in the Gang," and "Inside Out" that are heard on side two. But some of 999's best songs are excluded -- there is no way that this release can be considered definitive when "High Energy Plan" and "Rael Rean" are missing. Had justice prevailed, The Biggest Tour in Sport would have been a full-length LP instead of merely an EP. While this isn't a bad record, it could have been better.

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