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Andrew Nolan - "Black Creek" LP

Andrew Nolan - "Black Creek" LP

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For anyone who's spent real time in the heavier quarters of the many-chambered underground in the last three decades, Andrew Nolan is a recognizable name. "Black Creek" represents an early entry in his most recent strain of solo work, which draws on dub and hip hop filtered through a studied lens of industrial dread (or maybe vice versa). Originally released as a cassette in 2021 by Seith Communiti, it's now presented as a limited LP in screen printed covers. The music contained within feels like trying to run on the moon or at the bottom of a pool in an ill-fated attempt to escape a pursuer with a distinct biological advantage. But the beats are undeniable, and you'll be nodding your head until the moment it's separated from your neck.

Recorded and mastered by Andrew Nolan. Layout and screen printing by Dylan Walker. Edition of 102 LPs. Woot - 02 2023.

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