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Neon Taste Records

Anxious Pleasers - "Anxious Pleasers" LP

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Total Rock 'n' Roll Annihilation.
Ferment Pagans, Carbonas and The Rings in the minds of some maladjusted Ontarians and you shouldn't be too surprised to hear them come up with something as svelte as this. Originally released as a limited run cassette, we demanded that it get the proper treatment and knew that it had a home on Neon Taste. There are plenty of self-proclaimed "Rock n Roll" bands running around under the moniker that have never even heard of Sonny Vincent. One more injustice in a brutal and undeserving world. At least Anxious Pleasers can be counted among the modern-day heroes that keep that pure fire alive. We're here to set the record straight. Rock 'n' Roll is alive and well. Consider this testimonial.