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Profane Existence

Aus Rotten - "The Rotten Agenda" LP

Aus Rotten - "The Rotten Agenda" LP

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The third and final record by the legendary AUS-ROTTEN is finally available once again!

23 years ago AUS-ROTTEN released their final LP on their own “ROTTEN PROPAGANDA” label in the United States and on “SKULD” in Germany. Copies sold out fast and now, after almost a quarter century, “The Rotten Agenda” has finally been reissued on PROFANE EXISTENCE.

AUS ROTTEN’s final swan-song is an all out sonic barrage, striking blow after blow on the powers that be. A more matured band musically along with the addition of Matt G on drums, AUS ROTTEN take themselves in a slightly heavier direction on this record then on previous releases. The album starts with a chilling intro that leads into “The Rotten Agenda”. The band uses this song along with “Modern Day Witch Hunt” and “Right Wing Warfare” to expose the blatant hypocrisy and homophobia within the christian right. Songs like “The World Bank” & “Tax Shelter” not only attack the corrupt capitalist landscape but also give a voice to the unhoused and the squatting culture. Adrienne Droogas returns for “Isolation or Solution” and perhaps AUS ROTTEN’s most powerful track and one of the most intense / thought provoking songs ever written - “The Second Rape”. The lyrical trade off between Dave and Adrienne along with the unmistakable opening bass lines and the songs general theme are enough to leave anyone speechless. Of course no AUS ROTTEN release would be complete without a song like “Absent Minded” that serves as a spit in the face of fascist boneheads. We also get studio versions of “Capital Punishment” & “Media Blackout” that were previous released as live tracks on the “Not One Single F*cking Hit” CD.

Packaging was recreated to match the bands original release on “Rotten Propaganda” featuring a 6 panel fold out “CRASS style” poster the band is famous for using. Proving that punk is still dangerous and adding to the mystique of this release, the artwork for the large 24.5 in x 36.75in poster was deemed “to offensive” and we had to go through multiple printers after getting denied.

Record is pressed on 150 gram vinyl and is available on black with white spatter or on traditional black.

Originally recorded, mixed, and mastered at Anything Audio by Dave Bjornson. Remastered recently by Jay Matherson at Jam Room Studios.

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