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No Front Teeth

Bart and the Brats - "Assorted Cuts" LP

Bart and the Brats - "Assorted Cuts" LP

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Lo-fi and trashy garage punk from La Rochelle, France that’s dripping with snot & pulsing with amphetamine energy to boot. Think a blend of Ramones, Zeros, Kids and Sham 69. BART AND THE BRATS take us back to the ’90s when bands played to have a good time with their friends in a cavernous, sub-street-level, dingy club. Think Rip Off Records:  authentically trashy, the production manages to sound top notch without polishing away the rough edges. Though overall these tunes would make a great soundtrack for blackouts & barfights, there’s a refreshing air of positivity and FUN is the key.

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