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Bastard Noise - "The Progression Of Sickness" - 10-Inch

Bastard Noise - "The Progression Of Sickness" - 10-Inch

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Bastard Noise has unleashed its brand new line-up (with drummer Jesse Appelhans, formerly of San Diego, CA's master instrumental unit Upsilon Acrux) and is proud to announce the Deep Six Records release of "The Progression Of Sickness" 10". Recorded and produced, once again, by trusted master Michael Rozon (Rogue Astronaut, The Red List, A Culture of Monsters, and Skulldozer), "The Progression Of Sickness" will prove to all Skull servants that the evolution of the Skull is a fury to behold. Pummeling drums, massive, four steel girder walls, the sickest vocals ever by Artz and Wood, and etherial, electronic frequencies make "The Progression Of Sickness" a mandatory release for all who demand the highest standards in power.

Track Listing:

1. The Contrariang
2. Kicking The Hornets Nest

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