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State Of Mind

Black Army Jacket - "Open Caskets" 2xLP (Black)

Black Army Jacket - "Open Caskets" 2xLP (Black)

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Open Casket: The Discography is the definitive vinyl release from Black Army Jacket. The double LP features the band's 1996 demo, The Path of Two Swords As One 7”, various compilation tracks, and their split EPs with AGATHOCILES, CORRUPTED, HEMLOCK, NOOTHGRUSH, and SPAZZ. Black Army Jacket’s previously unreleased 7” from 1999 is also exclusively included in the exhaustive collection.

Brought to you by State of Mind Recordings and Brainscan Records, Open Casket was mastered for vinyl by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios and features all-new artwork and layout designed by Mark McCoy (Youth Attack, Charles Bronson).

Track Listing:

01. Vindictive

02. Pathogen

03. Old Habits

04. The End Of Dreams

05. Uncomfortable

06. Peering From A Bandaged Face

07. The Power And The Plan

08. Lord Of Murder

09. Cup Of Many Lands

10. Untitled

11. 222 Part II 1998

12. Avalanche Rapids

13. Pugilistic Attitude

14. Meow Meow Meow aka Corpselos

15. Beast

16. S.O.C.M.

17. Blood From A Stone

18. Galactus

19. 222 Part II

20. Dog Teeth

21. Without Law

22. ...Sometimes...

23. Your Pitiful Existence

24. King Of The Hill

25. Night Drive

26. Crane

27. Short

28. Dantam

29. Covered By Snow

30. I've Lived On What I've Stolen And Hoped Inside A Lie

31. Slaves Of Destruction

32. I Heard

33. Jaws

34. Genma

35. The Shake

36. ALH84001

37. Palden Gyasto

38. Make It Stop!

39. Sudden Life

40. Parliament Of Rooks

41. Fire In The Universe

42. Impastor

43. Make It Stop! Make It Stop!

44. Corpselawimage

45. Pretenders To The Throne

46. Look At What I Can Do!

47. Alpha Male

48. Salt

49. The Simplest Solution

50. Greedy Bastard

51. Fortune Cookie

52. Paint

53. Double Failure

54. Lying Between The Tigris And The Euphrates

55. Surrender To Sensation

56. Hot Date

57. The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

58. Crooked Mouth

59. Magnets

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