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Career Suicide "TOHC" T-shirt

Career Suicide "TOHC" T-shirt

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25% off all proceeds go to the Will Munro Fund for Queer and Trans People Living with Cancer.

The story behind the artwork is pretty cool— it’s from a poster that, as far as we know, was never used for a show or a record, drawn by an artist named Lefty K. Hall in 1982. From what little we know, she was a marine, a woman of colour, and an all out slam dancing maniac who hung out in the early DC hardcore scene. We’ve only seen a couple of drawings credited to her and this one was from the collection of Brian at Ancient Artifax. The original art had Iron Cross and Bad Brains on the jackets and of course the upside down DCHC cross. 

Preorders only open until Thursday, December 14th at 11:59pm EST, set to ship out before the holidays.

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