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Christian Blunda - "Funky Punks in Space" 12-Inch

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Socially distanced and feeling the party-pooper pinch of the ‘pandemonic’, Christian Blunda (also known as Mean Jeans’ singer and guitar slinger, Billy Jeans) hardly recognized himself or the prison-like world shrinking / melting all around. Lucky for us, he emerged from the proverbial funk with this new project, encapsulating his past, while rocketing off to new far-flung cosmic turf, including: hyper punk, sci-fi pop and Hi-NRG slappers. From fronting pogo-punk maestros the Means Jeans, to his synth-bliss kick with Touchy, Christian Blunda has consistently made good on delivering the ear-worm-grade goods. Now, Christian’s songbook expands to further dimensions on Funky Punks in Space, his new solo debut–slash–concept album, showcasing the vast and tripped-out, full-span of his sonic universe, and at 45 RPM baby! Recorded alone at home, in stark contrast to it’s hi-fi slam, these 9 tracks are at times punky and other times funky, synth-heavy anthems performed to the maximum. Set your coordinates for the pop-fueled territory of Phil Lynott’s Solo in Soho cross-faded with a Jeff Lynne Ramone clone to arrive in the Funky Punks In Space zone. It’s a square world, but what’s next? For Christian it’s this party platter in zero gravity kinda vibe. Grab your shit and check it out!