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Cotard - "4 Track E.P." 7-Inch

Cotard - "4 Track E.P." 7-Inch

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San Luis Potosí's Cotärd have been shovelling the grime in Mexico since their initial inception back in 2018. They've established themselves as major players in the Mexican, DIY Punk Scene booking tours, driving bands and playing a perfected 90's style Swedish/UK, D-Beat/Crust. This new, 4 Track E.P. finds them laying into their particular blend of the dark and dismal and is their first release since their 2020 Demo and in their most focused and punishing form. The winded exasperations call back to the vocal stylings of classics like Doom and the musical D-Beat/Crust attack reminiscent of juggernauts like Disgust and Napalm Raid are clear and not unfounded comparisons. There's a bleak levity weaving through the relentlessness and it showcases that incessant brooding of the human existence. A not-so-subtle cry for a way out in a world gone mad.

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