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Iron Lung

Cyberplasm - "Autogenesis" 12-Inch

Cyberplasm - "Autogenesis" 12-Inch

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“What is original birth?”

“Who forms?”

These are questions CYBERPLASM asks of it’s listener on their newest release, “Autogenesis”. A record showcasing the techno/terrortronic backbone of the band in its full on pulsing etherial machine glory. Though still very much a punk band there are no guitars to be found on this recording. Rest assured there is, however, a heaping amount of discordant noise and dystopic political lyricism tripped out way beyond the psyche. A new realm of music is being created here, tucked somewhere in the void between 90s techno and the ultra fuzzed maniac punk of the 2050s, music so modern it’ll make your head spin right off your neck while your body writhes in complete underground rave ridden pleasures. As a bonus, the EP comes with two remixes of “Autogenesis” by the homies, HIDE and Silo 77. You need this like a sickie needs medicine. Get twisted.

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