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Deadguy - "Work Ethic" 12" EP

Deadguy - "Work Ethic" 12" EP

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Deadguy was formed by Keith Huckins of Rorschach fame along with Tim Singer of No Escape to bring a noisy, abrasive, harsh, metallic hardcore sound that found the band coming to an apex with the "Fixation On A Coworker" LP on Victory Records, which followed this EP "Work Ethic," released in 1994 on Blackout Records. This 2023 reissue finds "Work Ethic" on 12" vinyl for the first time and features the "White Meat" EP on the B-side. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 200 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Running With Scissors

2. Apparatus

3. Puny Human

4. Druid

5. Extremist

6. John Dear

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