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Bridge 9

Death Before Dishoner - "Count Me In" (Silver Anniversary Edition) LP

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To celebrate 25+ years of Bridge Nine Records and the 15th anniversary for Death Before Dishonor's debut full-length, they've given "Count Me In" their 25th anniversary, silver-vinyl treatment. They've pressed a one-time edition of 1,000 copies on silver vinyl, housed in black-and-white printed jackets on silverboard. Bridge Nine Records is excited to have "Count Me In" join their silver-edition series.

Track Listing:

1. Count Me In

2. Nowhere To Turn

3. Break Through It All

4. Curl Up And Die

5. Behind Your Eyes

6. F*** It All

7. See It Through

8. Nothing But Agony

9. Infected

10. Take Me Away

11. Still Standing