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Bringer Of Gore

Deche-Charge / Deflowered Cunt - Hearing Destroyed / Noise Is Killing You (12", Album, Ltd, Num) (Used)

Deche-Charge / Deflowered Cunt - Hearing Destroyed / Noise Is Killing You (12", Album, Ltd, Num) (Used)

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Condition:  VG+ / VG+
Country:    Belgium  
18 Aug 2018
Format: Vinyl, 45 RPM, Numbered1, 12", Hearing Destroyed / Noise Is Killing You, Deche-Charge / Deflowered Cunt, 2018, Belgium, Limited Edition




DECHE-CHARGE line up :

Chainsaw - vocals
Dan-Charge - drums
Fred End - guitar
Seb Ass - Bass

recorded: Sonar 16/10/08 Qc City

679 Songs

DEFLOWERED CUNT is DxCx Kuntfist and Stoat Weasel. contact us at:


A1. Deche-Charge - Chier Sur Ton Mur Du Caca A Moi
A2. Deche-Charge - A Couilles Rabattues
A3. Deche-Charge - A La Con
A4. Deche-Charge - A La Mords-Moi
A5. Deche-Charge - A La Mords-Moi-Le-Noeud
A6. Deche-Charge - A La Roule-Moi Les Couilles Dans La Laitue
A7. Deche-Charge - A Un Poil De Cul
A8. Deche-Charge - Aller Aux Putes
A9. Deche-Charge - Aller Se Faire Enculer
A10. Deche-Charge - Aller Se Faire Foutre
A11. Deche-Charge - Aller Se Faire Metre
A12. Deche-Charge - Allez Vous Faire Foutre
A13. Deche-Charge - Asphalteuse
A14. Deche-Charge - Astiquer
A15. Deche-Charge - Avoir De La Chatte
A16. Deche-Charge - Avoir De La Merde Dans Les Yeux
A17. Deche-Charge - Avoir Deux Penis
A18. Deche-Charge - Avoir Du Poil Au Cul Dans La Face
A19. Deche-Charge - Avoir L'air Con
A20. Deche-Charge - Avoir La Gueule Dans Le Cul
A21. Deche-Charge - Avoir La Tete Dans Le Cul
A22. Deche-Charge - Avoir Le Cul Bordé De Médailles
A23. Deche-Charge - Avoir Le Cul Bordé De Nouilles
A24. Deche-Charge - Avoir Le Feu Au Cul
A25. Deche-Charge - Avoir Le Papier Qui Colle Aux Bonbons
A26. Deche-Charge - Avoir Le Trou Du Cul En Chou-Fleur
A27. Deche-Charge - Avoir Les Couilles
A28. Deche-Charge - Avoir Les Nerfs
A29. Deche-Charge - Avoir Les Yeux En Trou De Bite
A30. Deche-Charge - Avoir Les Yeux En Trou De Pine
A31. Deche-Charge - Avoir Plein Le Cul
A32. Deche-Charge - Avoir Un Ballai Dans Le Cul
A33. Deche-Charge - Bagouse
A34. Deche-Charge - Balsable
A35. Deche-Charge - Baise
A36. Deche-Charge - Baiser
A37. Deche-Charge - Baiser Comme Un Lapins Energizer
A38. Deche-Charge - Baiser Comme La Taupe
A39. Deche-Charge - Baiser Comme Ice
A40. Deche-Charge - Baiseur De Plotte Sale
A41. Deche-Charge - Balance Ta Deche Dans Ma Face
A42. Deche-Charge - Banane Dans Ta Bouche
A43. Deche-Charge - Bander Bien Dur
A44. Deche-Charge - Bander Comme Un Clown
A45. Deche-Charge - Bander Comme Peter Gauthier
A46. Deche-Charge - Bander Comme Un Taureau
A47. Deche-Charge - Bander Sur Ta Queue
A48. Deche-Charge - Bander Comme Pigeon
A49. Deche-Charge - Bar A Putes
A50. Deche-Charge - Bat
A51. Deche-Charge - Baton De Bass-Ball
A52. Deche-Charge - Batte Dans Ta Bouche
A53. Deche-Charge - Bibite A Bite A Ti-Bi
A54. Deche-Charge - Bizoune Dans Ta Bouche
A55. Deche-Charge - Bite Dans Ta Face Grosse Truie
A56. Deche-Charge - Bitch
A57. Deche-Charge - Bite
A58. Deche-Charge - Bombe Atomique De Deche
A59. Deche-Charge - Bombe Sexuelle
A60. Deche-Charge - Bonne A Fourer
A61. Deche-Charge - Bordel De Salope Pis De Grosse Vache
A62. Deche-Charge - Bordel A Cul De Plotte
A63. Deche-Charge - Bordel A Cul De Pompeuse De Queue
A64. Deche-Charge - Bordel A Cul Pompe Moé
A65. Deche-Charge - Bordel De Grosse Chienne
A66. Deche-Charge - Bouffe Ma Plotte
A67. Deche-Charge - Bouffe La Chatte De La Salope
A68. Deche-Charge - Boule Sale
A69. Deche-Charge - Boule De Deche
A70. Deche-Charge - Boule
A71. Deche-Charge - Boule A Mitsou
A72. Deche-Charge - Bourrer Le Mou
A73. Deche-Charge - Branle-Couille
A74. Deche-Charge - Branlée
A75. Deche-Charge - Branler
A76. Deche-Charge - Branler Le Mammouth
A77. Deche-Charge - Braniette
A78. Deche-Charge - Braniette Espagnole
A79. Deche-Charge - Braniette Intellectuelle
A80. Deche-Charge - Branieur
A81. Deche-Charge - Branlo
A82. Deche-Charge - Branlotter
A83. Deche-Charge - Brele
A84. Deche-Charge - Brise-Burnes
A85. Deche-Charge - Briser Les Noix
A86. Deche-Charge - Broutage
A87. Deche-Charge - Broute-Minou
A88. Deche-Charge - Brouter
A89. Deche-Charge - Brouter Le Gazon
A90. Deche-Charge - Brouter Les Couilles
A91. Deche-Charge - Brouteur
A92. Deche-Charge - Brouteuse
A93. Deche-Charge - Burne
A94. Deche-Charge - Cagasse
A95. Deche-Charge - Cagoince
A96. Deche-Charge - Cahba
A97. Deche-Charge - Caliboire
A98. Deche-Charge - Calice
A99. Deche-Charge - Càlice
A100. Deche-Charge - Calisse
A101. Deche-Charge - Calisser
A102. Deche-Charge - Carrer Dans L'oignon
A103. Deche-Charge - Casse-Couille
A104. Deche-Charge - Casse-Couilles
A105. Deche-Charge - Casse-Burette
A106. Deche-Charge - Casser La Gueule
A107. Deche-Charge - Casser Le Pot
A108. Deche-Charge - Casser Les Boules
A109. Deche-Charge - Casser Les Burnes
A110. Deche-Charge - Casser Les Couilles
A111. Deche-Charge - Céoène
A112. Deche-Charge - Cerise
A113. Deche-Charge - Chacun Sa Merde
A114. Deche-Charge - Chagasse
A115. Deche-Charge - Chagatte
A116. Deche-Charge - Charmouta
A117. Deche-Charge - Chat
A118. Deche-Charge - Chat Bite
A119. Deche-Charge - Chat-Bite
A120. Deche-Charge - Chatte
A121. Deche-Charge - Chaude-Pisse
A122. Deche-Charge - Cherche-Merde
A123. Deche-Charge - Chiant
A124. Deche-Charge - Chiasse
A125. Deche-Charge - Chiasser
A126. Deche-Charge - Chiatique
A127. Deche-Charge - Chibre
A128. Deche-Charge - Chiée
A129. Deche-Charge - Chiennasse
A130. Deche-Charge - Chienne
A131. Deche-Charge - Chiennerie
A132. Deche-Charge - Chier
A133. Deche-Charge - Chier Comme Tout Le Monde
A134. Deche-Charge - Chier Dans Les Bottes
A135. Deche-Charge - Chier Dans Son Froc
A136. Deche-Charge - Chier Pour La Marine
A137. Deche-Charge - Chier Une Pendule
A138. Deche-Charge - Chieur
A139. Deche-Charge - Chiotte
A140. Deche-Charge - Chiottes
A141. Deche-Charge - Ciboire
A142. Deche-Charge - Comme Papa Dans Maman
A143. Deche-Charge - Comme Un Chienne
A144. Deche-Charge - Con
A145. Deche-Charge - Con Comme Un Balai
A146. Deche-Charge - Con Comme Un Gland
A147. Deche-Charge - Con Comme Une Bite
A148. Deche-Charge - Con-Chier
A149. Deche-Charge - Connard
A150. Deche-Charge - Connarde
A151. Deche-Charge - Connasse
A152. Deche-Charge - Contrecrisser
A153. Deche-Charge - Copain De Baise
A154. Deche-Charge - Copine De Baise
A155. Deche-Charge - Couille
A156. Deche-Charge - Couille Molle
A157. Deche-Charge - Coup De Pute
A158. Deche-Charge - Couter Une Couille
A159. Deche-Charge - Cramouille
A160. Deche-Charge - Craquer Son Slip
A161. Deche-Charge - Craquer Son String
A162. Deche-Charge - Crisse
A163. Deche-Charge - Crissement
A164. Deche-Charge - Crosse
A165. Deche-Charge - Crosser
A166. Deche-Charge - Cruchasse
A167. Deche-Charge - Cul
A168. Deche-Charge - Culasse
A169. Deche-Charge - Culbuter
A170. Deche-Charge - Culeur
A171. Deche-Charge - Dans Ton Cul
A172. Deche-Charge - De Mes Deux Seins
A173. Deche-Charge - Débagouler
A174. Deche-Charge - Débander
A175. Deche-Charge - Déboiter
A176. Deche-Charge - Décalisser
A177. Deche-Charge - Décharger
A178. Deche-Charge - Déconnade
A179. Deche-Charge - Déconnage
A180. Deche-Charge - Décrisser
A181. Deche-Charge - Déculer
A182. Deche-Charge - Défoncer
A183. Deche-Charge - Défonceur
A184. Deche-Charge - Défourallier
A185. Deche-Charge - Déglinguer
A186. Deche-Charge - Dégueulassement
A187. Deche-Charge - Démerde Yourself
A188. Deche-Charge - Demi-Molle
A189. Deche-Charge - Dépucelage
A190. Deche-Charge - Dépuceler
A191. Deche-Charge - Dérouler Du Cable
A192. Deche-Charge - Des Couilles
A193. Deche-Charge - Désengorger
A194. Deche-Charge - Diarrhée
A195. Deche-Charge - Dilater
A196. Deche-Charge - DMC
A197. Deche-Charge - Doigter
A198. Deche-Charge - Drisser
A199. Deche-Charge - Drouille
A200. Deche-Charge - DTC
A201. Deche-Charge - Ducon
A202. Deche-Charge - Dugland
A203. Deche-Charge - Ecouillé
A204. Deche-Charge - Emmanché
A205. Deche-Charge - Emmancher
A206. Deche-Charge - Emmerdé
A207. Deche-Charge - Emmerder
A208. Deche-Charge - Emmerdeur
A209. Deche-Charge - Empapaoutage
A210. Deche-Charge - En Avoir Deux
A211. Deche-Charge - En Avoir Plein Le Cul
A212. Deche-Charge - En Avoir Plein Les Couilles
A213. Deche-Charge - En Avoir Ras Les Burnes
A214. Deche-Charge - En Chie
A215. Deche-Charge - Encuguler
A216. Deche-Charge - Enculade
A217. Deche-Charge - Enculade De Mouche
A218. Deche-Charge - Enculagailler
A219. Deche-Charge - Enculage
A220. Deche-Charge - Enculage De Mouche
A221. Deche-Charge - Enculage De Mouches
A222. Deche-Charge - Enculailleur
A223. Deche-Charge - Enculatoire
A224. Deche-Charge - Enculé
A225. Deche-Charge - Enculé De Ta Mère
A226. Deche-Charge - Enculé De Ta Race
A227. Deche-Charge - Enculement
A228. Deche-Charge - Enculer
A229. Deche-Charge - Enculer Les Mouches
A230. Deche-Charge - Enculerie
A231. Deche-Charge - Enculette
A232. Deche-Charge - Enculeur
A233. Deche-Charge - Enculeur De Mouches
A234. Deche-Charge - Enculeuse
A235. Deche-Charge - Enfant De Chienne
A236. Deche-Charge - Enfant De Putain
A237. Deche-Charge - Enfant De Pute
A238. Deche-Charge - Enfiler
A239. Deche-Charge - Enfler
A240. Deche-Charge - Enfoiré
A241. Deche-Charge - Enfoirer
A242. Deche-Charge - Enfourailler
A243. Deche-Charge - Englander
A244. Deche-Charge - Engrosser
A245. Deche-Charge - Entre Couilles
A246. Deche-Charge - Entuber
A247. Deche-Charge - Envoyer
A248. Deche-Charge - Envoyer Chier
A249. Deche-Charge - Envulver
A250. Deche-Charge - Esque
A251. Deche-Charge - Estie
A252. Deche-Charge - Et Mon Cul, C'est Du Poulet
A253. Deche-Charge - Et Ta Connerie
A254. Deche-Charge - Etrangler Le Borgne
A255. Deche-Charge - Etre Chié
A256. Deche-Charge - Etre Couillu
A257. Deche-Charge - Etre La Fete
A258. Deche-Charge - Etre Mou De La Bite
A259. Deche-Charge - Exploser
A260. Deche-Charge - Exploser Le Terrier
A261. Deche-Charge - Face De Pet
A262. Deche-Charge - Faciale
A263. Deche-Charge - Faire Chier
A264. Deche-Charge - Faire Chier La Bite
A265. Deche-Charge - Faire Sa Pule
A266. Deche-Charge - Faire Sprinter L'unijambiste
A267. Deche-Charge - Faire Un Caca Nerveux
A268. Deche-Charge - Ferme Ta Gueule
A269. Deche-Charge - Fermer Sa Gueule
A270. Deche-Charge - Fesse
A271. Deche-Charge - Fif
A272. Deche-Charge - Fifi
A273. Deche-Charge - Fille A Pédés
A274. Deche-Charge - Film De Boule
A275. Deche-Charge - Film De Boules
A276. Deche-Charge - Fils De Batard
A277. Deche-Charge - Fils De Chies
A278. Deche-Charge - Fils De Chienne
A279. Deche-Charge - Fils De Garce
A280. Deche-Charge - Fils De Putain
A281. Deche-Charge - Fils De Pute
A282. Deche-Charge - Fils-De-Puterie
A283. Deche-Charge - Filsdeputerie
A284. Deche-Charge - Fion
A285. Deche-Charge - Fiotte
A286. Deche-Charge - Fister
A287. Deche-Charge - Flute
A288. Deche-Charge - Foufoune
A289. Deche-Charge - Foufounette
A290. Deche-Charge - Fouille-Merde
A291. Deche-Charge - Foune
A292. Deche-Charge - Fourbir
A293. Deche-Charge - Fourrer
A294. Deche-Charge - Foutage De Gueule
A295. Deche-Charge - Fouteur
A296. Deche-Charge - Fouteur De Merde
A297. Deche-Charge - Foutoir
A298. Deche-Charge - Foutre
A299. Deche-Charge - Foutre En L'air
A300. Deche-Charge - Foutre La Merde
A301. Deche-Charge - Foutre Le Camp
A302. Deche-Charge - Foutre Sur La Gueule
A303. Deche-Charge - Foutriquer
A304. Deche-Charge - Fuck
A305. Deche-Charge - Fuck Me Boots
A306. Deche-Charge - Fucker
A307. Deche-Charge - Garage A Bite
A308. Deche-Charge - Garage A Bites
A309. Deche-Charge - Gland
A310. Deche-Charge - Glisser
A311. Deche-Charge - Gosse
A312. Deche-Charge - Graine
A313. Deche-Charge - Gros
A314. Deche-Charge - Gueuler
A315. Deche-Charge - Imbaisable
A316. Deche-Charge - Langue De Pute
A317. Deche-Charge - L'avoir Dans Le Cul
A318. Deche-Charge - Leche-Cul
A319. Deche-Charge - Lécher Le Cul
A320. Deche-Charge - Lopette
A321. Deche-Charge - Manche A Couilles
A322. Deche-Charge - Mange-Merde
A323. Deche-Charge - Mange De La Marde
A324. Deche-Charge - Melon
A325. Deche-Charge - Merdasse
A326. Deche-Charge - Merde
A327. Deche-Charge - Merderie
A328. Deche-Charge - Merdeux
A329. Deche-Charge - Merdier
A330. Deche-Charge - Mes Couilles
A331. Deche-Charge - Mettre
A332. Deche-Charge - Mettre Dans La Sauce
A333. Deche-Charge - Mon Cul
A334. Deche-Charge - Morue
A335. Deche-Charge - Mouche A Merde
A336. Deche-Charge - Moule-Bite
A337. Deche-Charge - N'en Avoir Rien A Foutre
A338. Deche-Charge - Nique Sa Mere
A339. Deche-Charge - Nique Ta Mere
A340. Deche-Charge - Niquer
A341. Deche-Charge - Niquer Sa Mère
A342. Deche-Charge - Nul A Chier
A343. Deche-Charge - Oh Hisse, Enculé
A344. Deche-Charge - On S'encule
A345. Deche-Charge - Ordure
A346. Deche-Charge - Oui Ou Merde
A347. Deche-Charge - Ouvrir Sa Grande Gueule
A348. Deche-Charge - Papier-Cul
A349. Deche-Charge - PD
A350. Deche-Charge - Pédale
A351. Deche-Charge - Pédé Comme Toé Mon Sale
A352. Deche-Charge - Pelle A Merde
A353. Deche-Charge - Penser Avec Sa Bite
A354. Deche-Charge - Pet Sauce
A355. Deche-Charge - Pine
A356. Deche-Charge - Piner
A357. Deche-Charge - Pipe
A358. Deche-Charge - Pisse
A359. Deche-Charge - Pisser Dans Ta Face De Clown
A360. Deche-Charge - Pisser Sur Toé Mon Sale
A361. Deche-Charge - Pisser Sur Pigeon
A362. Deche-Charge - Pisser Sur Ta Pisse
A363. Deche-Charge - Plan Culle.... Suce Ma Queue
A364. Deche-Charge - Plotte A Cash
A365. Deche-Charge - Poil De Poche
A366. Deche-Charge - Pompe Ma Queue Grosse Vahe
A367. Deche-Charge - Pomper Chainsaw Svp
A368. Deche-Charge - Putain
A369. Deche-Charge - Putain Con
A370. Deche-Charge - Putain De Bordel De Merde
A371. Deche-Charge - Putain De Merde
A372. Deche-Charge - Pute
A373. Deche-Charge - Pute Christ De Salope
A374. Deche-Charge - Pute De Luxe
A375. Deche-Charge - Queue Dans Le Cul
A376. Deche-Charge - Queue Dans Ta Bouche
A377. Deche-Charge - Qu'on L'encule
A378. Deche-Charge - Ramoner
A379. Deche-Charge - Ramoner Ton Trou De Balle Salope
A380. Deche-Charge - Ras La Touffe
A381. Deche-Charge - Réenculer
A382. Deche-Charge - Refucker
A383. Deche-Charge - Remuer La Merde
A384. Deche-Charge - S'en Beurrer Le Cul
A385. Deche-Charge - Sac A Merde
A386. Deche-Charge - St-Sacrament
A387. Deche-Charge - St-Simonaque
A388. Deche-Charge - Salope 1
A389. Deche-Charge - Salope 2
A390. Deche-Charge - S'astiquer La Queue
A391. Deche-Charge - Se Branler La Queue
A392. Deche-Charge - Se Doigter
A393. Deche-Charge - Se Faire Enculer
A394. Deche-Charge - Se Faire Sucer La Bite
A395. Deche-Charge - Se FAire Magner Le Cul
A396. Deche-Charge - Se Faire Manger Les Couilles
A397. Deche-Charge - Se Branler
A398. Deche-Charge - Suce Ma Queue
A399. Deche-Charge - Suce La Christ
A400. Deche-Charge - Sucer Moé
A401. Deche-Charge - Tantouze
A402. Deche-Charge - Tapette
A403. Deche-Charge - Tarlouze
A404. Deche-Charge - Tate Ma Queue
A405. Deche-Charge - Tate Mon Gland
A406. Deche-Charge - Touffe De Salope
A407. Deche-Charge - Toute De La Gueule
A408. Deche-Charge - Tremper Son Biscuit
A409. Deche-Charge - Trou De Balle (Anus)
A410. Deche-Charge - Trou De Cul Sale
A411. Deche-Charge - Trou Du Cul (C'est Toé)
A412. Deche-Charge - Truie
A413. Deche-Charge - Va Chier
A414. Deche-Charge - Va Chier Mon Sale
A415. Deche-Charge - Va Chier Mon Christ De Sale
A416. Deche-Charge - Va Chier Grosse Vache
A417. Deche-Charge - Va Chier Mon Ostie
A418. Deche-Charge - Va Chier Encore
A419. Deche-Charge - Va Chier Encore Et Encore
A420. Deche-Charge - Va Te Faire Enculer
A421. Deche-Charge - Va Te Faire Foutre
A422. Deche-Charge - Va Te Faire Une Soupe Avec Ma Deche
A423. Deche-Charge - Va Te Baigner Dans Ma Deche
A424. Deche-Charge - Va Manger Mon Gros Chien Sale
A425. Deche-Charge - Vendre De La Deche
A426. Deche-Charge - Vendre De LA Vieille-Deche
A427. Deche-Charge - Y Avoir Une Salope Qui Suce
B1. Deflowered Cunt - Liver Damage
B2. Deflowered Cunt - This Giant Foetus
B3. Deflowered Cunt - Strip Search Erection
B4. Deflowered Cunt - Baked Shit LOaf
B5. Deflowered Cunt - Touch That Again And I'll Break Your Fucking Fingers
B6. Deflowered Cunt - Human Crabface Boy
B7. Deflowered Cunt - The Man With 2 Arse Holes
B8. Deflowered Cunt - A Complete And Total Waste Of Blood And Organs
B9. Deflowered Cunt - Integer / Repeat
B10. Deflowered Cunt - Kicking Mother Down The Stairs
B11. Deflowered Cunt - A Grievance Letter To The Blood Bank For Giving You Hepatitis C
B12. Deflowered Cunt - Fuck Croak
B13. Deflowered Cunt - Sandy Wank Chafe
B14. Deflowered Cunt - Cum Breath
B15. Deflowered Cunt - Flown Out To A War Zone
B16. Deflowered Cunt - Smilie Face Emoji
B17. Deflowered Cunt - I Will Fucking Cut You, Guaranteed
B18. Deflowered Cunt - It's Fucking Running Out Of Him Over Here
B19. Deflowered Cunt - Naturally Blessed With The Ability To Piss People Off
B20. Deflowered Cunt - Mountain Oysters
B21. Deflowered Cunt - Blow Backs On The Short Bus
B22. Deflowered Cunt - Inches Of Chocolate Love
B23. Deflowered Cunt - Be A Darling And Push My Haemorrhoids Back In
B24. Deflowered Cunt - Fuck Mook
B25. Deflowered Cunt - Je Suis Chaud
B26. Deflowered Cunt - Why Do All These Root Vegetables Smell Like Shit?
B27. Deflowered Cunt - Tell That Cunt To Fuck Off Before He Ends Up Drinking Soup Through A Straw For The Rest Of His Life
B28. Deflowered Cunt - Crispy Sick
B29. Deflowered Cunt - Crispy Dick
B30. Deflowered Cunt - Aborted Cletus
B31. Deflowered Cunt - Era Of Piss
B32. Deflowered Cunt - Vaping Is Hella Cool
B33. Deflowered Cunt - And... We're All Dead
B34. Deflowered Cunt - The Vegetarian Option Is Always Cheese Based
B35. Deflowered Cunt - Money
B36. Deflowered Cunt - My Cum Stained Futon
B37. Deflowered Cunt - Watching Reruns Of Cheers Until You Kill Yourself Because No One Knows Your Name
B38. Deflowered Cunt - Driller Killer
B39. Deflowered Cunt - Always Skip This Track, It's One Of Those Album Fillers
B40. Deflowered Cunt - And This One. We Were Pissed When We Wrote It And It Totally Shows
B41. Deflowered Cunt - Kneecapped By A Cunt In A Vest
B42. Deflowered Cunt - Chicks Dig It When Your Gay
B43. Deflowered Cunt - Spaz Baron
B44. Deflowered Cunt - Cunts Like Us
B45. Deflowered Cunt - Cunts Like You
B46. Deflowered Cunt - Cunts Like Stunts
B47. Deflowered Cunt - Cunts Like Cunts
B48. Deflowered Cunt - Pig Blast
B49. Deflowered Cunt - Shit Swill
B50. Deflowered Cunt - I Ate A Bag Of Dicks Just Like You Said I Should, And Now I'm Liberace
B51. Deflowered Cunt - This Fucking Pine Cone
B52. Deflowered Cunt - Farmers Really Do Blow Up Cows Vaginas
B53. Deflowered Cunt - Jeremy Kyle Is A Terrible Person
B54. Deflowered Cunt - Tee Boning An Icecream Van
B55. Deflowered Cunt - Foaming At The Ass
B56. Deflowered Cunt - Why Are You Here?
B57. Deflowered Cunt - Celebrity Vegetable Matter
B58. Deflowered Cunt - Cornholing Gone Wrong
B59. Deflowered Cunt - My Cancer Has Cancer
B60. Deflowered Cunt - My Mom Once Hit A Guy In The Nut Sack With A Sledge Hammer, True Story
B61. Deflowered Cunt - Mechanically Reclaimed Meat Shits
B62. Deflowered Cunt - Discoiii
B63. Deflowered Cunt - Something's Gone Wrong
B64. Deflowered Cunt - Dying Slow With A Needle In Your Arm
B65. Deflowered Cunt - Sour Cream Happy Hour
B66. Deflowered Cunt - Cable Is Gay
B67. Deflowered Cunt - Short Bus Pile Up
B68. Deflowered Cunt - Pinky Fucked
B69. Deflowered Cunt - Your Funeral Was Cheap And Tacky, Don't Do It Again
B70. Deflowered Cunt - Kerrang Gave Our Album 5 Stars Because They Thought We Were Anal Cunt
B71. Deflowered Cunt - A Love Song About Kissing And Shit
B72. Deflowered Cunt - Miley Cyrus's Snail Trailed G-string
B73. Deflowered Cunt - Diddleboro
B74. Deflowered Cunt - Fmk
B75. Deflowered Cunt - Why Have Deche-Charge Done A Split With Us?
B76. Deflowered Cunt - Kicking A Ducks Fucking Bean Off
B77. Deflowered Cunt - Fuck Heroin, Crack Is Where It's At
B78. Deflowered Cunt - I've Never Even Done Drugs
B79. Deflowered Cunt - I've Done All The Drugs Now
B80. Deflowered Cunt - I Feel Funny
B81. Deflowered Cunt - Do You Have Any Drugs?
B82. Deflowered Cunt - I Did All Mine
B83. Deflowered Cunt - Your Girlfriend Likes Us, I Can Tell
B84. Deflowered Cunt - Cock And Ball Torture Hurts
B85. Deflowered Cunt - Very Bollocks
B86. Deflowered Cunt - My Dads Gun, Your Dads Face
B87. Deflowered Cunt - Did I Say Gun? I Meant Penis
B88. Deflowered Cunt - Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt
B89. Deflowered Cunt - Passive Aggressive Blow Jobs
B90. Deflowered Cunt - Slow Torture Puke Chamber Is The Best Film
B91. Deflowered Cunt - Nacho, Flamingo And Bistro All End In O
B92. Deflowered Cunt - Spent Weeks Wanking To Pictures Of Brain Molko Before I Found Out He Was A Guy
B93. Deflowered Cunt - Preserved In Piss
B94. Deflowered Cunt - Face Melting Metal III
B95. Deflowered Cunt - Cack
B96. Deflowered Cunt - Bodycount Are A Black Metal Band
B97. Deflowered Cunt - Dropping The N-Bomb At A Christening
B98. Deflowered Cunt - We HAve Good Lyrics
B99. Deflowered Cunt - Group Hugh, Not You Keith...
B100. Deflowered Cunt - Mildly Aroused By Incontinence
B101. Deflowered Cunt - Ashamed To Be A White Middle Class Pony Boy
B102. Deflowered Cunt - If You Actually Read TheseTitles SendUs A Facebook Message And Let Us Know
B103. Deflowered Cunt - Turned To Gloop
B104. Deflowered Cunt - Fucking Bassoons. Who Plays Those Things?
B105. Deflowered Cunt - Buried 2 Feet Under In A Plastic Coffin
B106. Deflowered Cunt - People Think We're Edgy
B107. Deflowered Cunt - The Next Song Title Has Swearing In It...
B108. Deflowered Cunt - We're Off To Do Something A Bit More Interesting. Cunt Xxx


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