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Dezerter - "Kolaboracja" LP

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The first 100% premiere, studio, big album by Dezerter. Recorded in 1987, it was released in 1988 in a limited edition, with a censored cover, stamped "unwise" words and changed titles of several tracks. After 28 years, its official re-edition is released in its original form, although with a refreshed and enriched cover to which it will be attached. a special issue of AZOTOX - a large 12-page booklet with texts, the history of the album's creation, photos from the era, and a translation of all this into one of the foreign languages. What a lot to talk about. "Collaboration" is one of the most important, if not the most important, album of Polish punk rock of the 80's. Excellent songs that are still live music sweeps and lyrics that hit the head just as hard as they made you think in the 80's. And at the same time it is a coherent, specific and varied whole. In 1988, this album made an absolutely total impression ... and generally nothing has changed in this matter until today.