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Full Of Hell - "Coagulated Bliss" LP

Full Of Hell - "Coagulated Bliss" LP

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Full Of Hell burst forth with incredible force from the small, dagger-shaped city of Ocean City, MD, 15 years ago. "Coagulated Bliss" was written and recorded shortly after the band completed "When No Birds Sang," their collaborative album with Nothing. While the focus on songwriting already makes "Coagulated Bliss" the most grounded album in Full Of Hell's catalog, it's also the first that tries in earnest to reflect the world around it - not in some broad, monotony-of-evil way, but the everyday horrors of life in small-town America.

Track Listing:

1. Half Life Of Changelings

2. Doors To Mental Agony

3. Transmuting Chemical Burns

4. Fractured Bonds To Mecca

5. Coagulated Bliss

6. Bleeding Horizon

7. Vomiting Glass

8. Schizoid Rupture

9. Vacuous Dose

10. Gasping Dust

11. Gelding Of Men

12. Malformed Ligature

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