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Hedgehog - "Never Die" LP

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There’s no end in the tunnel of thrashing obscurities deep in the F.O.A.D.’s crypts… can you find something more obscure than this?? Known only for their appearance on the “Bondage Maniac” Vol. 1 compilation tape and few gigs in the early ’90s here’s the official reissue of HEDGE HOG‘s totally invisible demotape “Never die” + compilation tracks + 3 unreleased tunes, all recorded in 1992! HEDGE HOG (not to be confused with Hamamatsu’s Hedge Hog, also playing HC!) belong to the great generation of unsung heroes from the Bondage Maniac stables that also featured incredible gems like Slaver, Inject Brain, Scum Blast, Soltic, Warsaw and more ultra-rabid thrashers that never got the deserved recognition. Musically this is fast, incendiary Hardcore in a pure traditional Japanese way… for fans of Outo, Systematic Death, Mad Conflux and Lipcream The band’s singer Ichi has been later appreciated for his artworks for bands like S.O.B. and Kikeiji. Sourced straight from the band’s mastertapes. LP with insert collecting rare photos and flyers.