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Hot Water Music - "Vows" LP

Hot Water Music - "Vows" LP

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Three decades, ten albums, and continuing to stand firmly as an enduring pillar of American punk, Hot Water Music remains a source of influence and inspiration for bands the world over. On the forthcoming "Vows," the band's purpose remains the same as it always was: continued evolution with a keen eye on the future. For fans of The Bouncing Souls, The Flatliners, and Alkaline Trio.

Track Listing:

1. Menace

2. Searching For Light

3. Burn Forever

4. After The Impossible

5. Remnants

6. Chewing On Broken Glass

7. Fences

8. Side Of The Road

9. Wildfire

10. Bury Us All

11. Touch The Sun

12. Much Love

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