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Hieb & Stich

Iris Paralysis - "Self/Simulated" LP

Iris Paralysis - "Self/Simulated" LP

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Album number two from the London/Bilefield duo, following on from the S/T debut they take you deeper into their fragmented world. Setting the pace is the drum machine; it’s punchy and has a snap to the sound. Lyrically this is a much darker album than the debut but the synth which flows and ebbs allows each track to be perfectly balanced between the darkness and light. This duo clearly knows what direction they want to take this band in and what sound they want to achieve. This album evokes a lot of emotion, the vocals are almost soothing which keep you from falling off the rails and into a full-blown panic attack. If you took the bleak and emotional vocals from Joy Division with music created by New Order you will get an idea of how this album sounds.

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