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Iron Lung

Iron Lung - "Mental Distancing" 7-Inch Flexi

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IRON LUNG played Robert and Karoline's 20th wedding anniversary party with HIDE in San Francisco about a thousand years ago. A truly great evening with much love and laughter and togetherness. We made plans for future collaborations and shows and everything else. The Covid-19 pandemic completely destroyed that type of thing for few years and sent a lot of us into a hellish vortex of anxiety and depression while we isolated ourselves and the society we once knew fell deeper into chaos. Frankly, it was too much to handle. All work stopped. We managed to record about 40 minutes worth of material shortly before the pandemic and these songs are from that. It serves as something to tide you over until we finish recording the new album. Hopefully, by the end of this year. Thank you. -Jensen 500 red flexi discs housed in a custom feltweave jacket with a poster included. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson. Art by Adam Opet.