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Rad Girlfriend Records

Jesse - "Complete Discography" 2xLP

Jesse - "Complete Discography" 2xLP

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Jesse was a band formed by Frankie Stubbs during the Leatherface hiatus of the mid-late '90s. Rad Girlfriend Records presents the complete discography pressed on a 2xLP, collecting the band's LP, numerous splits, and EPs, plus an unreleased song, all of which are long out of print and highly sought after. Sleeve notes by Sean and Frankie.

Track Listing:

1. Indestructable

2. Smarm

3. Gone Fishing

4. Ever Was

5. Jack Christ

6. As Your Mind Closed, Mine Was Opening

7. Rant

8. World

9. A Song About A Dog That's Not A Dog Anymore

10. Room

11. Paradoxical Thing

12. Handful Of Earth

13. Big Freeze

14. Truly Beautiful

15. Rant

16. A Song About A Dog That's Not A Dog Anymore

17. Indestructable

18. Room

19. Handful Of Earth

20. Jack Christ

21. Paradoxical Thing

22. Hey Hey My My

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