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Lafff Box - "S/T" 12-inch

Lafff Box - "S/T" 12-inch

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I landed in Berlin half-dead from exhaustion. Hours of travel awaiting tour only to be shocked awake by a furious set of white-hot Punk Rock by brought on by 4 short-shorts wearing, very drunk, manic Germans. Seeing Lafff Box for the first time was the perfect way to set up the last tour I was on. A manic combination of Jay Reatard energy, Thin Lizzy guitar prowess and Marked Men speed but with a tough sheen of pure Punk 'n' Roll that separates the Box from the others. Where Pub Rock was amped up R&B, Lafff Box is taking the formula a bit further and have themselves smashing thru the walls of your local dive. The Box won't be stopped and they'll have you giggling yourself to the padded cell after your next weeklong bender. Til then, here's the soundtrack.

From Lafff Box themselves:

Recorded after an insane EURO tour in 22 with the AUTOBAHNS which repeatedly brought "THE BOX" to the edge of heartattack, they recorded this HOT MESS of a debut LP almost immediately afterwards. This direct, tight power really comes through especially via the rythmsection who are just the most handsome and nicest guys in ROCK today - Felix of POKY and AMBULANZ and "Mangel-angel" Denes aka Dee Bee Rich who plays in every band in germany including LIIEK and ONKELZ. An eager Youtube troll commented "this sounds exactly like the people who play in this band.", which either means LAFFF BOX sounds like 4 white cis-dudes from eastgermany or refers to the other bands they play with, which on top of the ones above are EX-WHITE & VERRÄTER for Jonas and LASSIE for Marian. Well make of it what you want it's fast and modern ( but without synths ) Punk with rocking sometimes THIN LIZZY style double guitars. Lots of crew shout double vocals also. Let it melt ya face off buddy.

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