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No Front Teeth

Mononegatives - "Crossing Visual Field" LP

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Like 2021’s Apparatus Division, Crossing Visual Field is a record that puts the punk rock in synth-punk. The chilling, apocalyptic synthesizers work in perfect harmony with sharp guitars, anxious rhythms, and vocals which are simultaneously robotic & anguished to create a soundtrack to our modern-day dystopia. The songwriting is far more complex and accomplished this time around and from start to finish, there’s not a single sub-par track in sight and wherever your tastes on the synth/post-punk spectrum may lean, there’s something on Crossing Visual Field for you. The album flows seamlessly between punk rippers, quintessential synth-wave numbers and moodier tracksthat bring to mind the 1980s heyday of dark post-punk evoking images of space warfare, factories of the apocalypse, and machines growing sentient...