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Mortician - "Chainsaw Dismemberment" 2xLP

Mortician - "Chainsaw Dismemberment" 2xLP

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2xLP, royal blue with splatter vinyl

Relapse Records - RR51071 - 781676510719


A1: Stab

A2: Fleshripper

A3: Drowned In Your Blood

A4: Mass Mutilation

A5: Mauled Beyond Recognition

A6: Rabid

A7: Bloodshed

B1: Decayed

B2: Final Bloodbath

B3: Island Of The Dead

B4: Brutalized

B5: Slaughtered

B6: The Crazies

B7: Silent Night, Bloody Night

C1: Chainsaw Dismemberment

C2: Psychotic Rage

C3: Funeral Feast

C4: Wolfen

C5: Dark Sanity

C6: Camp Blood

C7: Tormented

C8: Slaughterhouse (Part 2)

D1: Barbarian

D2: Rats

D3: Mater Tenebrarum

D4: Splattered

D5: Obliteration

D6: Lord Of The Dead (Mortician Part 2)

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