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Nächtlich - "Third Ritual" 12-Inch

Nächtlich - "Third Ritual" 12-Inch

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Canadian Nächtlich was one of the bands that helped shape the current revival of the (ultimate) Raw or even Lo-Fi Black Metal movement. The band that already has an impressive track record, which besides two good full-length albums consists of a whole slew of short players and split EP’s, is re-releasing its third work, aptly titled ‘Third Ritual’ (2018), via Inferna Profundus Productions. This time on CD, a good choice perhaps, as it was previously available only as cassette tape and later on 12″ vinyl. For those who prefer the CD to an analogue sound carrier can now also purchase this excellent EP.

Musically, ‘Third Ritual’ is among the strongest Nächtlich material, sounding raw but a little less lo-fi as some of their contributions to split releases. Still, it harbours the same sinister atmosphere. In large part, this is due to the excellent use of keyboards that not only provide the musical wallpaper, but also offer some Ambient/Dungeon Synth tracks to further enhance the unsettling, yet authentic ambience. The guitar sound is stripped-down and minimalistic, which does justice to the simple bareboned riffs as well as the almost whistling keyboards that duel together and help propel the menacing and ominous atmosphere even further. The EP clocks in around the 23 minute mark and seemingly needs little time to offer a surprisingly versatile sound, while most genre compatriots are merely bogging themselves down into a murky and noisy sound, Nächtlich effortlessly goes from heavy humming Ildjarnian riffs to a more sharp edge attack as well as dark and haunting Ambient/Dungeon Synth tracks.

The EP is styled in the full scene aesthetic, black and white with red accents, in the dark, with an axe, some chains and spikes. In short, this is an EP that not only helped put Nächtlich on the map, but also helped shape the resurgence of Raw and Lo-Fi Black Metal.

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