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No Front Teeth

Night Trauma / X-INTRUDER - Split 7-inch

Night Trauma / X-INTRUDER - Split 7-inch

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Night Trauma are a London/Los Angeles hardcore punk band (featuring members of the Gaggers and Tenement Rats) that from the first word spat out the speakers ‘til the last will leave you dripping in snot. The drums thunder along delivering blow after blow, the rhythm guitar will have your brain rattling like a shot of nitrous as the lead guitar rips through what’s left of your battered and bruised body. Pissed off, catchy fist in the air hardcore delivered by a band that’s tighter than two coats of paint. FFO Poison Idea, Career Suicide, Psyched To Die.

X-Intruder – Following on from the debut ‘Punishment For The Crime of Lacking In Judgement’, we have a new track for you to wrap your ears around. Distorted vocals are in your face setting the tone of this track: raw and unhinged. The guitar tone throughout provides an eerie backdrop that has you hooked. Overall this track creeps into your senses and lingers long after the last note is played. Do you know your Identity? FFO Discharge, English Dogs, G.B.H.

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