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Bridge 9

No Warning "Ill Blood: Silver Anniversary Edition" LP

No Warning "Ill Blood: Silver Anniversary Edition" LP

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"Ill Blood," the first studio album by Canadian hardcore band No Warning, is now back on vinyl and Bridge Nine has given it the silver-edition treatment as part of their silver-edition series. This album was originally released in November 2002 and quickly became a beloved hardcore record. This is the 10th album in Bridge Nine Records' special, silver-anniversary series which was started as a way to celebrate the label's 25th anniversary.

Track Listing:

1. Behind These Walls

2. No Time For You

3. Answer The Call

4. Short Fuse

5. Wound Up

6. Growing Silent

7. Caught In The Web

8. All New Low

9. Over My Shoulder

10. Leech

11. Pushing On

12. Ill Blood

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