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Beach Impediment

Paranoid "S.C.U.M." 12"ep

Paranoid "S.C.U.M." 12"ep

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Here we have it, another chapter in the story of one of Sweden's greatest practitioners of modern, raw hardcore punk - Paranoid. The latest of the Northern Wind of Brutal Hell Mangel, this session was released earlier this year on the 7" format by Sweden's Not Enough Records, but Beach Impediment Records is excited to give you all the 12" version of the absolutely obliterating "S.C.U.M." EP. Recorded at the now legendary Studio Mangel in Froson, Sweden, with the mix and mastering being handled at LM Studio in Osaka, Japan, by Ippei Suda, and featuring additional vocals by Jacky and noise design by Statuszero recorded in Japan, this one-sided slab packs six ear-ringing blasts on the A-Side. 12"ep includes an 18" x 24" poster and an etched B-side.

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