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Product KF - "Songs Of The Groves" LP

Product KF - "Songs Of The Groves" LP

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The first long play from Product KF, Songs of the Groves, is the work of a trio of young Chicago musicians who have one of the more impressive cumulative resumes in all of Midwest punkworld - each member of PKF having fronted exceptionally good bands before this one.

With Songs of the Groves, we hear these three artists deploying their disparate musical powers to remarkably cohesive, focused ends. Songs of the Groves is a rigorous vision, a post-punk revived and concentrated to its most effective elements: ice cold, galloping relentlessly, ethereal, morose, clangorous, vicious.

This is the rare record that is just as spooky as it is spirited - bouncing from goth at its hungriest to Batcave ready crypto-club moments, all cobweb ambiance and clanking rhythm, with an ease and tonal continuity that reads like the product of deep study and thoughtful execution.

This is a triumphant debut, and those who like to play in the pitch dark will find much in Songs of the Groves.
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