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Iron Lung

Retirement - "Buyer’s Remorse" LP

Retirement - "Buyer’s Remorse" LP

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We physically took this recording around to various outdoor places where “people” enjoy “music” and played the album for them. Without prompting, here are some of the highlights that got spit back at us:

“Aggro midtempo noise. I love it!” -guy wearing a Rudimentary Peni shirt

“Unfriendly.” -mother of two

“Misanthropic.” -foodeater

“Sounds like these guys have hopeless lives.” -frisbee golfer

“If the Dead are a friend’s couch and Metallica are a room at the Waldorf, then Retirement is a concrete mattress.” -professor of media studies

“There is so much dirt in this city.” -anonymous portable bathroom chatter

“Is ‘nihilism’ a music genre now?” -comedy show barker

“Punk? No thanks.” -mother of three

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