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Sex Pistols - "Spunk - "The Demos 1976-1977" LP (Color Vinyl)

Sex Pistols - "Spunk - "The Demos 1976-1977" LP (Color Vinyl)

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In the history of punk, the Sex Pistols reign supreme; the anarchic quartet changed the history of popular culture forever with their caustic rupture of rock, a mixture of shock and awe that gave two fingers to the establishment, kick-starting a musical revolution. Released a few months before their Never Mind The Bollocks debut, Spunk is a revelation, raw demos cut in late 76 and early 77 by producer Dave Goodman, with Glen Matlock’s bass far more melodic than what Sid Vicious cut on Bollocks; this edition has bonus demos of ‘Anarchy’ and ‘Pretty Vacant’ cut at Denmark Street, as well as an unedited ‘No Fun.’ Absolutely crucial!

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