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Iron Lung

Shrinkwrap Killers - "Feed The Clones Pt. 1" LP

Shrinkwrap Killers - "Feed The Clones Pt. 1" LP

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Another wild down-tuned synth-riddled cut and paste ride through the devolving post-apocalyptic ocean of a maniac's mind. Get in the barge and rip ass through the rolling waves of Spits/Voodoo/Reatard/Can infused space punk that tackles such heady subjects as night creatures, Darwinian caregiving, space labs, paranoia, Reptilians (real) and perusing a selection of perfect sperm for purchase (shrinkwrapped for freshness of course, hahaha). Choose wisely.

350 copies on black, 150 on translucent blue splatter 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with lyric insert included. Recorded, mi

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