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Sound Of Disaster - "Valfard 1984-1985" LP

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Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies. The first ever official discography of this classic, highly influential Swedish Hardcore unit (hailing from the small town of Mjolby), licensed by the band's singer Goran Lind! All their studio recordings 1984-85 + a rare unreleased rehearsal from 1984. Contents: - s/t 7"EP (1985) / - "Speak Swedish or die" 7"EP (recorded in 1985) / - Demo May 1984 / - Rehearsal December 1984 28 songs of rapid, destructive Scandicore mangel oozing crudeness and relentless anger from start to finish, one of the most legendary bands in the first wave of Swedish HC right there with Anti Cimex, Mob 47, Totalitär, Crude SS, Avskum, Asocial... Comes with poster and booklet including rare photos and scans of the original 7"s.